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Englisch B2, Conversation and Revision ab Lektion 3 Lehrwerk: „Life Advanced“, Students Book, Cengage 978-1-337-28633-6


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Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2020 um 10:45 Uhr

Kursnummer 72081F8
Dozentin Sabine Rösemann
erster Termin Donnerstag, 13.02.2020 10:45–12:15 Uhr
letzter Termin Donnerstag, 12.03.2020 10:45–12:15 Uhr
Anzahl Termine 5 x
Materialgeld 2,00 EUR
Entgelt 89,60 EUR
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40,00 EUR
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Volkshochschule Burgstraße
Burgstraße 14
30159 Hannover


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B2 Conversation and Revision
If you can get around easily and get along well with people in English, but would like to work on your vocabulary and fluency, then a conversation course at this level would probably meet your needs. The emphasis is on speaking and listening, improving such conversational skills as putting your opinions across, agreeing and disagreeing (politely but firmly!), checking understanding, interrupting and responding to interruptions and more, on a wide range of general interest and current affairs subjects and in various situations.
Please consult the English department before registering, as the courses have various approaches and characters.

Katrin Vollmer – 0511 168-40239
Marion Mayer – 0511 168-45498
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Sabine Rösemann Hauptdozentin


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1. Do., 13.02.2020 10:45–12:15 Uhr Volkshochschule Burgstraße
2. Do., 20.02.2020 10:45–12:15 Uhr Volkshochschule Burgstraße
3. Do., 27.02.2020 10:45–12:15 Uhr Volkshochschule Burgstraße
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